EMV Card Utilities

Use the Menu on the left to navigate in order to edit and process an EMV card image.


  1. Create a new EMV card. The current EMV card, if there is one, is used as a template.
  2. Generate an application Cryptogram from the supplied elements and the current EMV card.
  3. Generate an application Response Code from the supplied elements and the current EMV card.
  4. Display the current EMV card.
  5. Download the current EMV card to a file on your computer.
  6. Upload an EMV card into the current image from your computer. This EMV card may have been created by a batch utility or have been previously downloaded from this application.

The current EMV card image is stored as a cookie within the client browser. This can be deleted at any time by the Clear Cookies menu option.

This test library is available under licence from Code Magus.

This test library implements
  • AEIPS Chip Card Specification (AEIPS 4.1) February 2005
  • VISA Integrated Circuit Card - Card Specification Version 1.4.0 Effective 31 October 2001
  • M/Chip Functional Architecture for Debit Credit January 2006
From EMV Integrated Circuit Card specifications for Payment Systems - Book 2 Security and Key Management Version 4.1 May 2004

This test library can be purchased under licence from Code Magus.
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