DUKPT Start Page

Use the Menu on the left to perform DUKPT related functions that demonstrate the functionality of the Code Magus DUKPT library.

PIN Functions

  1. Generate an Initial PIN Encryption Key (IPEK). The IPEK generated is stored on the client machine in a cookie for use in step 2.
  2. Using the IPEK from (1), create a Pin Encryption Device. This is a virtual device stored as a cookie on the client browser.
  3. Generate PIN Blocks.
  4. A futher non library function allows for the deletion of any cookies created by this library.

Data Functions

  1. Input clear text in either ASCII or hexadecimal (binary) representation and perform data key variant encryption.
  2. Input cipher text and perform data key variant decryption to reveal the clear text which is shown in both ASCII (printable characters only) and hexadecimal form.

The data key variant encryption generates cipher text based on the current value of the PIN Encryption Device. In other words if a data value DVA is encrypted it will generate a cipher DCA. If one or more PIN encryptions are then performed before another encryption of the same data value DVA, a different cipher (say DCB) will be generated. In both cases if the data is decrypted immediately after encryption both ciphers DCA and DCB will produce the original clear text DVA.

This library module is available under licence from Code Magus.

This test library implements double length key DUKPT from The American National Standards Institute for Financial Services:
ANSI X9.24-1:2009. Retail Financial Services Symmetric Key Management Part 1: Using Symmetric Techniques.

This library module can be purchased under licence from Code Magus.
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